Thinking Of Starting A Business?

                     It’s a great dream,

                               an opportunity for freedom,

                                           to create equity and wealth.

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        During these next few paragraphs, I am going to try to share with you why some people are very successful in business and why some people fail.

Hard Work

        The people who succeed in business are had working people.  They understand the meaning  work ethics. In my 40 years of business I do not know of one person who became financially successful by sluffing off and working only a few hours per day.


         You need to be determined, especially in the first three years you may not make it.  You see in business there are time when you are faced with three or four tough problems at the same time and you may feel like throwing in the towel.


          In life it is important to learn everything we can whether it is our job, economics, our hobby, finance, politics or our leisure enjoyment things.   It is the same in business.  We must keep learning everything we can about the business, marketing, competition, leasing, insurance, banking and many other things. This will make a difference in you success.


         It is impossible to be in business without taking a risk.  The key is in the calculation of the risk.  If you take a big risk without all the information, it could be deadly. A step by step small calculated risk is the best approach.

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